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 Hi friends!! I’m Tiffany Hefflinger! I’m a wife of almost seven years to my high school sweetheart, Derek! We have a fun love story I really need to write a book about someday! We have one year old, precious twin boys, Jackson and Patrick! They have brought so much joy into our lives!!! We also have two German shorthair pointers, Oscar and Eva, who are pretty much our first and second born children! Haha! If you are a dog person, I’m sure you can relate to the “dogs are children, too” mentality we have! I’m a “retired” actor/dancer/stunt performer and just moved up to Ohio from Orlando! I was blessed with some of the most interesting jobs ever! I performed in traveling Disney shows internationally and domestically for five years! I then settled down in Orlando where I worked as a stunt performer at Legoland, Oyster Diver and seasonal performer at Sea World, aerial artist at a dinner show, dancer/actor at Disney, actor at Universal, free lance voice acting, as well as a few other fun gigs with a few other traveling companies! I now enjoy staying home with my boys and helping others learn to take control of their health as an independent consultant with Arbonne International! 


What are your interests and hobbies?

We love to travel, spend time outdoors, enjoy time with our family, and find fun local restaurants to eat at! I love to learn about gut health and becoming healthier in general, listen to self development audiobooks, meet new people, find new ways to entertain my toddlers, and fill up online shopping carts with things I would like to purchase and then exit out and feel fulfilled as if I actually went shopping!  

Why is mental health so important to you?

Working in the entertainment industry, you are constantly going to auditions and comparing yourself to others. Not only that, but you’re also being judged typically by a panel of people who are seeking perfection from you. It can be very hard on you mentally and emotionally to know that even when you DO get the job, you will still be compared to others who perform your same role by not only yourself, but by your peers, the guests who visit the shows/parks, your directors, and casting. Dealing with this at such a moldable age was difficult and I’m very grateful for self development books and Christian inspirational books to help me start the shift in my mindset! It is something that I never wanted to discuss because I was embarrassed and didn’t realize so many more women were dealing with the same things I had been struggling with! 

Tell us about working for Disney and how you landed the role of Tinker Bell!


** Off the record **I’m going to rephrase this because at Disney, we aren’t supposed to talk about playing characters! They want us to keep the integrity alive! We can post pictures and phrase it “ I had a great day with my friend Tinker Bell!” But we are directed to try and preserve the magic! 















Tell us about working for Disney!


Working at Disney was a dream come true! It opened up doors to many more opportunities that truly changed my life! I auditioned my freshman year in college! The audition was over four hours long and there were a few hundred people there! I was informed that this was a weekly audition that always had hundreds of people lining up to be able to dance down Main Street USA! I was a small-town girl (literally from a village of 1,200 people) and was completely overwhelmed when I got hired on the spot after a few elimination rounds at the audition!  I packed up my car and headed from Ohio to Florida with a job and a suitcase of clothes, hoping to find some roomies when I started work! My poor mother was a nervous wreck! God delivered and I found some sweet girls to live with and had the time of my life! I then auditioned for a touring Disney show company called Feld Entertainment and in a short version of the story, I was hired a few months later to start my touring career in South America! I continued onto a few more US tours and an Asian tour for the next five years! I met wonderful people who taught me new talents and was able to get many more gigs once moving back to Orlando!  Some days that segment of my life still feels like a dream! I “retired” from entertainment in 2020 when all the companies I worked for had to layoff thousands of employees. God had a plan because while I was sad to lose those fun jobs, I found out we were pregnant with twins and ended up moving closer to Ohio to be near our family! What a blessing that has been! 

Let's talk health! How did you get started with Arbonne and how has your experience been so far?


 I started with Arbonne after falling in love with their 30 days to healthier living program. Being a performer, I was constantly trying the next fad diet to keep my figure, trying the newest skincare to keep from getting “aged out” of my roles (it’s not uncommon that when you get wrinkles, you lose your job, unfortunately). After trying an insane amount of diets, diet pills, workout programs, and skincare products, I learned about gut health and a lifestyle shift that included mental health, physical health, spiritual health, education on food and chemicals that enter through your body not only through food, but your skincare, cosmetics, detergent, candles, and so many other ways!! I felt an extreme weight lifted off my shoulders when I shifted my mindset about health! I couldn’t help but want to share that with others!! 

What does living healthy look like to you? 

Gosh, this is a fantastic loaded question! I feel like you reach peak health when you have energy and joy when you wake up most mornings! I say “most” because realistically, not every single day is absolutely perfect, right?! Health can look different for every single person! I will say I feel like what almost everyone needs to have that energy and joy would be daily movement, time outdoors, daily affirmations and gratitude, daily prayer/meditation, and an 80/20 healthy eating lifestyle! Movement to honor your body! Time outdoors for that good ole vitamin D and fresh air to help your mental and physical health! Daily affirmations and gratitude because when you wake up thinking of the things you’re truly grateful and affirming who you are, you are starting your day on YOUR team!! The world beats ya up, so ya gotta start the day cheering for yourself and being grateful for the things you have that bring you joy! Daily prayer or mediation are incredible for your mindset! Building your relationship with God and keeping that communication going really keeps me in an incredible mental state and for those who prefer meditation, you’ll start your day with a clear and happy mind! Last, but CERTAINLY not least, an 80/20 healthy eating lifestyle! I had no idea how much ingredients in your food and drinks can truly shift your health-emotionally and physically! When I started focusing on REAL food more often, I saw a giant shift in my all around health! But I also feel that you can’t completely deprive yourself of the things you truly enjoy eating! Just learning moderation and what foods give you more energy and which ones suck it out of your body!! 


Name someone who has inspired you and tell us why!

Goodness. This is always the hardest question! I am fortunate enough to have so many inspiring people to have touched my heart! Currently my big inspiration is my husband’s Aunt Ronda! She is a wonderful, God-fearing woman! She has a big heart for anyone she’s ever met! She is what I envision as the “Proverbs 31 Wife”.  She has a beautiful marriage and wonderful relationships with her family! Always helping others, manages to be everywhere to support everyone! I swear there are multiples of her! I don’t know how she does it all!! Haha! Happiness just flows from her and she lights up the room when she walks in! She is so genuine and encourages you to be all you can be! She is always serving others with such a happy heart! I adore her! 

Favorite mantra you live by?

“Be helpful. When you see a person without a smile, give them one of yours.” -Zig Ziglar

I feel like the best way to pull yourself out of a funk is to make someone else happy! 

Number one thing you have learned thus far on your wellness journey?

The most important thing I have learned on my wellness journey is to not be so hard on yourself! Change takes time! It doesn’t happen overnight! Be proud of the things you DO accomplish daily and know that you have so many opportunities to “start over!" Don’t wait until tomorrow, Monday, or New Year! The NEXT decision you make for your health can be a better one! And drink more water! 

Where can people find out more about your biz?

The real party is on Instagram!














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