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Bipolar Blogger

My name is Tiffany Romito and I’m a mental health blogger and writer for BpHope Magazine for Bipolar. I was diagnosed bipolar in 2013 after an opiate addiction and suicide attempt. I was then diagnosed again in 2017 when I thought it was just severe postpartum depression.

I had the pleasure of finding Caitlin online in one of my blogging groups. I consider those Facebook groups to be more than just a networking outlet. It also provides a support system where we can deal with our frustrations while also celebrating our wins.

I know I need this support while living with a mental illness. I have 4 kids, all boys. It’s loud, chaotic, and very often triggers symptoms of bipolar such as mania or depression. Without the support of others, I wouldn’t be able to manage my triggers. There was a time I was too proud to ask for help or even accept my diagnosis.

But blogging and contributing for BpHope has changed my perspective. There were so many misconceptions I had about myself and this mental illness that writing about it was completely therapeutic. It’s hard to find time but remembering your “WHY” is always motivating & the biggest piece of advice I can give to any other mental health bloggers. I have to sit and ask myself why am I doing this? And then remember my answer, “to bring awareness and remind others that it’s okay to not be okay."

To the people struggling everyday- I see you. I get it. I understand. Sometimes that’s all we want in life. To be seen and heard. But remember there are blessings to having a mental illness. Without my diagnosis of bipolar disorder, I don’t think I’d be as an empathetic person as I am now.

It’s true when they say, hurt people hurt others. I was a very hurt person for a long time and did not understand my diagnosis was causing me to lash out and judge many people unfairly. I’ve truly learned what it’s like to put myself in others’ shoes & see things from their perspective.

Being bipolar I’ve also found a strength in myself that I didn’t even know I had. One of my favorite quotes or mantras I live by is “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” And here I am now. 8 years clean off opiates. 4 boys later. And living my dream raising my family on our farmhouse here in Washington. Follow my journey at the funny farm on or at my personal mental health site


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