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Spring Clean Your Life

March is here and you know what that means? Spring is right around the corner! Spring is such an exciting time here in Northeast Ohio. We are daydreaming about the feeling of the sun’s warmth on our skin. We are awaiting the sight of green buds on the trees and flowers emerging from the earth’s soil. We are excited to hear the sweet sound of birds chirping in the sky and to wave at children playing in the neighborhood. In anticipation of spring, one of my favorite things to do is spring clean. I don’t view spring cleaning in the way most do. Yes, it is a time to clean and organize my space, but it is also a time to clean, organize, and prioritize my well-being too. I have compiled a list of 10 ways to spring clean your life. I believe implementing these will make for a richer spring cleaning season!

1). Deep clean- I’m sure it goes without saying that physical cleaning is a part of spring cleaning. If you are anything like me, this is one of the parts about spring cleaning you are not the biggest fan of. I like to clean, but deep clean? Uh, that’s a different story. Nonetheless, I do it anyway. I choose one room a week to deep clean. This is when I scrub baseboards, dust the ceiling, deep clean the carpet, etc. I do about 30 minutes a day Monday-Friday.

2). Declutter your home- Now is a great time to start decluttering. Let’s face it, most of us tend to accumulate stuff over the year. Now is a great opportunity to sort through your rooms and closets. If you truly don’t need something, let it go. Make donation, throw away, and sell piles. Trust me, it feels amazing to drop donation bags at GoodWill.

3). Reorganize and redecorate- One of my favorite things to do is organize and decorate my house! During spring clean season, I always make it a point to switch things up a bit. I’ll replace some of my decor and rearrange items in baskets. Perhaps I also take a few trips to Home Goods and Hobby Lobby to find some decorating inspiration. This month we will be revamping our kiddo’s rooms!

4). Examine toxicity in your life- This is a perfect time to examine toxicity in your life. Think about the people in your circle. Think about your habits, attitude, and self-esteem. I believe we all fall victim to toxicity at times. It took me years to really examine my inner circle and admit I was allowing certain people to treat me poorly. My tribe now is filled with people who challenge me and make be better; they treat me with respect. Another thing that used to be toxic in my life was my relationship with my body. I would not say I have fully mastered body acceptance but I’m getting closer everyday. We all have our vices rather it be our phones, social media, body image, poor relationships, etc. The key is awareness!

5). Invest in your health- I don’t know about you but I am definitely less active in the winter. I don’t get outside as much, tend to skip workouts, overindulge in comfort food. Now is a great time to invest in your health. Right now I am starting to take more vitamins, move my body more, take frequent walks (yes, even when it’s cold), get 7-8 hours of sleep, make doctor appointments I have totally neglected to make, and really nourish my mental and spiritual health. I think as women a lot of us tend to freak out around this time because we feel we need to get “swimsuit ready.” I try to not go down that rabbit hole because for me it leads to anxiety, crash dieting, and lack of self worth. That thinking is toxic. Instead I focus on getting my body healthier and stronger, accept where it is today, and appreciate all it does for me.

6). Get reacquainted with nature- Before you know it we will be experiencing warmer, longer days! I cannot wait to get back out in nature for long walks and hikes. My family and I are going to do the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Challenge this spring and summer!

7). Make some quality time for yourself- Ladies, we must treat ourselves every once in awhile! Mamas, this is extra important for you. Some ideas include: spa day, mani/pedi, body massage, facial, salon, coffee and a book alone! Check out Groupon and Living Social for deals. Some of these may be better for next spring due to Covid-19 but you could always do a makeshift spa night at your house or take a long hike by yourself.

8). Plan a trip- This could be big or small, far away or close, by yourself, with your family, or with a friend or two. Planning a getaway, even if it’s just a day trip, gives you something to look forward to and leaves you with new experiences and memories.

9). Try a new hobby- Always wanted to try knitting? Been wanting to try that new workout class? Eyeing that book club? Maybe there has been a dream tugging at your heart. Why not go for it and try new things? Starting or continuing a hobby is a wonderful way to recharge and find fulfillment outside of your daily life. I have really enjoyed taking up blogging and have found such joy and purpose.

10). Practice daily gratitude- I preach this. In fact, I am sure anyone who knows me well could tell you that I am constantly talking about my gratitude list. I first heard about practicing daily gratitude from Oprah. Every morning I make it a point to write at least 5 things I am grateful for. Sometimes they are big things such as my children mastering a new skill or a promotion my hubby got. Other times it is small. Just the other day a friend offered me a cherry coke and I literally jumped for joy. I rarely drink soda. Cherry coke is a real treat for me and it made my day. When you practice daily gratitude, and it truly is a practice, you become much more aware of all the wonderful things in your life. This is especially true during a hard season. I find myself looking for little blessings every day!

I hope you have enjoyed my ideas for spring cleaning your life. I would love to hear what your spring cleaning looks like! 18 more days to Spring ya’ll!!

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