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Our Infertility Journey

So many women dream of one day getting married and having a family. Right?

Ok - so I do all the steps I dreamed of:

~Graduate college

~Get a great job

~Meet my soulmate

~Get married

~Then try and have a baby....

but nothing happens for four long years. It’s funny how long you try not to get pregnant and then when you actually want to become pregnant, you can't.

I can’t even begin to explain all the emotions, feelings, obstacles, money, arguments, and unknowns that were endured on our journey to a miracle baby. So many couples go through these issues. I never knew how common it was until I was put into the unexplained category. Everyone has their own journey, but ours had no answers. I didn’t know if that was better or worse? I kept it a secret for 4 years because I was ashamed and stressed out. Nothing was wrong with either one of us- just wasn’t happening. Over 40 months of negative tests! I cried so many tears, blamed myself, argued with my husband, asked God why? What did I do in my life to not be able to have a baby? Didn’t I deserve a baby to love with all my heart? I longed to give a child all the love I wished I had been given by my parents.

My best friend, my sweet auntie passed from breast cancer at 49 years old. 9 months after she left us I found out I was pregnant. I swear she sent her!! After years of tests, bloodwork, procedures, doctors appointments, 4 rounds of Clomid, and our first IUI, I was pregnant!!!!

All I can say to anyone struggling with infertility is don’t give up. Keep fighting for your family. I always had a plan b c d e f. I always wanted my own child but always wanted to give love to a child in need as well, and still do.

Advice-Be realistic with your expectations. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Give yourself options and hug yourself everyday. Know that you are a strong woman and it will happen one way or another! Find strength in your relationship and the love you have with your partner. Whatever way it pans out, you will get to share all the love you have with a child who needs you ❤️ God made us women so strong and fierce. He gave us the ability to overcome extreme levels of pain, heartache, and anguish for a reason. Believe in yourself and your relationship. Good things come to those who wait. I believe God put our baby girl in our life just when we needed saving...and that she did. I am forever grateful and thank God everyday!

I hope this encourages those out there strugling to see positivity in a hard place. It’s ok to be mad, upset, and angry! You are human❤️🙏

Prayers, love and baby dust to you all of you on your journeys!


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