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Migraine Journey: The Story Behind Migraine Road

Bio of Lindsey de los Santos

I am a migraine sufferer of 30 years. This journey has had many challenges, but it has also created a path for me to find strength and hope. It has called me to realize I can do more than I think. Through my story, people can see strength and purpose. I also believe many have started to realize there is a deeper strength in themselves and hope for the future. My hope is to continue to reach others with these truths.

In addition to being a blogger, I am a wife, mother of two energetic boys, and a teacher.  All of these call on me to have a very full life and create a world that is not easily interrupted by migraines. Through my blog, I share the good, the bad, and the ugly so to speak. However, with a support system, good medical care, and determination I am still living the life I feel called to live. I believe you should get to love the life you live and I want to help my readers do that.

Migraine Road: Inspiration and Connection

Migraine sufferers are a more common group than we realize and I have seen firsthand what this invisible illness does to people. Not only am I living it myself, but I have watched my mom and sister suffer. I also know that migraine pain can be something that creates a connection and understanding between people with other chronic illnesses and pain.

My hope is no one feels alone on this road and that is where the name migraine road came from.  I felt like sometimes in the middle of an attack one can feel as if the people around them don’t get it and voicing what is going on can seem overwhelming.  I wanted to create a space for a community to allow people to feel heard and possibly see a journey they could relate to. I also wanted to provide resources people could use for their own migraine life and to help those that care about them have a better understanding of what they go through. Sometimes having information visible can begin a conversation and from this can come compassion.

Through this inspiration and purpose, I had to draw on courage to be transparent with my story.  I believe we can learn from each other and being real with each other creates compassion and understanding.  This is a work of the heart. I continue to see the purpose in this work. The chance to share here is one of those examples.

Support System

In my migraine life, I have been blessed with some big support.  This is not true for all people so I say this with humbleness and extreme gratitude.  I have written about this topic in two blog posts, and You have to find your people and hold onto them.  Wherever you find yourself this makes the difference between suffering alone and healing with hope. You need people that will have empathy and be there to have your back. Those are your people.

Purpose in This Work

Through this blog I have had the chance to connect to people both online and actually face to face. People have reached out with questions and their own stories. Even people in my family’s life whom we haven’t talked to in awhile came to me about migraines. They were looking for the support and answers I was trying to provide. This makes me know this work has a purpose.  My ultimate goal is to help and encourage.

Migraine Connection to other Health Conditions

Many people with migraines may have other conditions as well. For example, I also have epilepsy. This too has prompted me to be brave and transparent. Ironically, it is the migraines that cause the greatest impact on my life.  Fortunately, my seizures are controlled well with medicine.  That took about three years to figure out before my migraines developed into becoming severe and chronic. I suppose my body was giving me what I could handle. Your health is so valuable and I have truly learned to be thankful for mine.  That means migraines and all I soak up the health I have in the world we live in.

There are other conditions that can be involved in combination with migraines. This can include depression and anxiety.  I feel that makes sense with the pain and anticipation of a migraine.  However, I would recommend talking to your healthcare professional if you have questions or concerns about any area of your health.

Respect for People with Any Illness or Chronic Pain

Through this process, I have also done some reflecting on how much this migraine world can create understanding and empathy for people with other illnesses and chronic pain.  The struggles and journeys can overlap in their emotional toll and physical challenges.  This is where community and support become so powerful.  You can find that at

As we reach out to each other and listen to our stories we hear that we are not alone.  Through this truth, we find a place of hope.  Remember you have a voice and you are important in your life. An illness may be a part of your story, but it does not define you.

Looking Ahead

Migraine Road is here to grow and support all.  I am open to covering topics that matter to people and continuing the conversation.  Facebook and Instagram are additional places to do this. You can join our Facebook group here and Instagram here.

Another passion of mine is to bring resources to people that can improve their quality of life.  I am beginning to share resources, but will only share things I have tried and can wholeheartedly support.  That said, what works for one person may not work for another, but I want to be sure I honor the time of my readers.

I wish everyone the best and hope to see you on  You will find a place of hope and encouragement.  This road can be challenging, but I always say it is better traveled with friends.

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